Friday, January 23, 2015


I have a plan to get all the Leftists out of America and from most countries in the world….
I would find a desert island…in the South Pacific, for example, that’s kind of like Gilligan’s Island, way off the shipping lanes, but very beautiful…from a distance.
I would rename the island “Utopia” and do an advertising blitz all over the planet showing the ultimate, politically correct, no opposition allowed, best of all possible places for libtards to live.
Of course, the videos I would shoot will show Utopia as a five star resort with the latest hi tech stuff to keep the libtards happy and busy.
OH! No one has to work and everyone gets the best clothes, food and shelter for free :!:
The servants would all be self repairing robots, the power requirements would be provide by the best in Green Technology — Cold Water Fusion :!: Free, non-polluting and limited only by the water in the Pacific Ocean :!:
I would provide free one way transportation to Utopia on first class cruise ships (no airports allowed on the island) that would dock at a long pier where guests would board colorful trams for their new hi tech homes and a life of easy PC living just out of sight.
Yes, it would take several years for all the Leftist parasites in the world to take the one way trip to Utopia, but at some point they would all be gone and people wonder why Utopian Pet Food was so cheap.

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mainestategop said...

I remember this guy advocated doing what Argentina and South Africa did. Expatriation. Encourage the liberals and the other America hating filth to leave. Offer them a lump sum payment of say $50,000 in exchange for leaving. They get a free plane ticket to any country they want. But they can't come back ever again even as tourists. Neither can their children or Grandchildren.

It would save us lots of money in the long run. Most of these so called people are drug addicts and boozers. They would need money for their addictions. Others are Marxists who want to live in China and North Korea. And others are bums who don't want to work and feel that we don't give them enough. Send them to Europe. Tell them they are more generous. Not only would we lower our costs it would make America strong again. Out with the underachievers and bums and in with the patriotic and godly.