Tuesday, January 06, 2015



RUSH:  Does the name Jeffrey Epstein mean anything to you?  Does the name Jeffrey Epstein ring a bell?  Jeffrey Epstein is a wealthy New York Palm Beach financier, big-time Democrat fundraiser, big-time Democrat donor, big-time friend of Bill Clinton -- and, as it turns out, a big-time friend of Prince Andrew.  Epstein is the guy that was convicted in a plea deal.  He's a Democrat.
He'll probably get off scot-free given what he's charged with.  He apparently had sex slaves at his Palm Beach house and in New York. Robert Maxwell's daughter Ghislaine was one of his employees and she represented the whole thing.  Anyway, he pled guilty to one minor charge in all this.  But the UK Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph now have stories that have been picked up everywhere in the New York Post, because the sex slaves were under age

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