Saturday, January 24, 2015


The dull leftist cant that oozed from Obama’s 2015 State of the Union makes clear his electoral strategy in 2016: blame the misery of middle class on the higher incomes of those in better shape financially. It is silly, of course. It is sinful, of course. But even worse, it is profoundly hypocrit…

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mainestategop said...

TRUE THAT!! Just as a broken Clock is right twice a day, Occupy Wall Street was right to identify Wall street and Corporate America as the enemy. The problem is their solutions their worldview and their poor hygienic habits and poor social skills are only going to make things worse.

It needs to be made known that the biggest supporters of Socialism of liberal thought and liberal bias and tyranny are the corporations. The corporations run the treasonous bolshevik news media which is silent on important issues and smears patriots and Americans, the corporations funded Occupy, the ACLU, So called People for the American way, NOW, Code pink and these other groups.

Meanwhile the tea party, the militias the so called Christian right, the NRA the other groups in America that stand for righteousness, our Christian American value and the intent of our founders are grassroots. Supported by ordinary americans, many of them poor working class citizens. The left are lazy and get their money from Wall street or welfare, we get our money from working americans small business and others. There are more of us than so called one percenters so both sides have equal footing but still they have a bigger voice and have control of the commons and the schools.

We are the majority. But even if we were a small minority we can still change the nation and shake the culture and make change. Remember, atheists make up less than 5% of the population but succeeded in getting God thrown out.

Its time for brave tea partiers and Americans to stand up more to the corporations and the leftist rich. We should lean on the government and the unions but lean mostly on the rich who are on their side.