Friday, January 09, 2015


The perfect American civil war metaphor: two eagles with locked talons trying to kill one another.
The blowback here in America to the latest Muslim terrorist attack has torn open the poorly healed wounds from 9/11.

In this country we don’t have to imagine how France feels today…We KNOW how they feel :!::cry:

I give Fox Cable News gets two thumbs up for its excellent coverage of the three day terrorist siege.

Fox didn’t pull any punches and put on a seemingly endless parade of anti-Muslim experts, who were mostly ignored by the Lamestream Media. It’s no wonder Fox is America’s most popular news network with heavy hitters like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

So where is the American Left on this incident :?:…The usual party line…They blame the victims for making the Muslims mad. America caused the terrorist incident because we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan with France as our ally. The terrorist incident gives the National Front the lead in the next French elections. The Left is worried about the Muslims in the Western countries being attacked by the “Far Right” – which, of course, never happens (although it should) :evil:

As for the County Class of America, we are still pissed off that The RINO Boner was reelected as Speaker of the House and OUR people removed from key committees in revenge. Believe it or not, the phone lines into the House are still in meltdown as the Country Class cusses out the Elites :!:

The RINOs are said to be highly pissed at We The People, because always before the election of the House Speaker was inside baseball stuff and no interest to the normal party member.

Meanwhile, serious thought is being given to the creation of a new political party, and the smart money says that if Sarah Palin and other Tea Party types like Rush Limbaugh get on board with the idea, it will happen:

I know many of you folks outside the States do not realize what this would mean (Why should you?) so I will tell you – the Republican Party was founded in 1854 for many of this same reasons the Tea Party is thinking about going rogue – the old Whig Party that had both Southern and Northern members who were divided over the issue of slavery. The Northern Whigs were locked out of assignments within Congress like House Speaker, for instance, by the Southern Whigs because they were anti-slavery.

Finally, push came to shove, and one fine morning the Southern Whig leadership woke up to find that 80% of their members had defected to the new anti-slavery Republican Party. In short order, the American Whigs disappeared from the halls of Congress and into the footnotes of American history.

I’ve said for years now that prior to a Second U.S. Civil War one of the important mile markers on the road to conflict would be the creation of a new national party (note: I use lower case national, not upper case National, as in, National Socialist) – We are the polar opposite of fascist.



mainestategop said...

I disagree. I don't think a third party will be necessary. Neither will there be time. The American people I believe will probably shuck the whole party system all together. Independents for independence from big government socialism. Great article!

Piper Michael said...

This has already happened...
I was part of something called; The Reform party... Ross Perot was right... how do you we all like "the great sucking sound..."

The Tea party was next, as a direct result of crony economics.

No more parties, just going Galt.