Tuesday, January 13, 2015


How about March 15, 2015 - The Ides of March?
How about April 19, 2015 - The date the first shots were fired on Lexington Green at the Redcoats?
My analysis reveals that nothing will change until the economy collapses…or should I say “IF” the economy goes West and we have another Global Great Depression on the order of 1929.
People in the West are too fat, dumb and happy at the moment, and playing with their iphones to lock and load their M-4 assault rifles.
However, after missing a few meals the situation changes and they will go after the authors of the Super Depression – the Left – like the hungry people of Paris went after their ruling class on July 20, 1789.
Thus the issue of Global Revolution and the destruction of the Left depends on whether or not the Leftist ruling class of the West can keep the economy above water, so far so good, but the markers on the stolen gold in the treasury keep piling up, and sooner or later some one will yell, “WE ARE BROKE :!:
No more ATMs, no more free stuff, and the power grids go off line because the bills haven’t been paid.
Then the poop hits the fan on a global scale because of MAED – Mutually Assured Economic Destruction due to the fact all major world economies are linked and all fall dead in a heap. :evil:

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