Monday, January 12, 2015


On Saturday, we reported that many social media users called for Muslims to be deported to any one of a number of countries run by Islamic regimes. But in the wake of recent events in France, that doesn't seem to be enough. Over the last several days, a large number of Twitter users decided to call for an outright ban of the religion. One person, for example, suggested banning Islam in response to a Sunday report that the Obama administration has called a summit to discuss ways to stop violent extremism.
"Ban Islam," the person said. "Wipe out anyone who wants to be Muslim," the Twitter user added.
Another person, responding to news that French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced a war on radical Islam, suggested banning the religion. "We are at war — not a war against a religion, not a war against a civilization, but to defend our values, which are universal,” Valls said Saturday. "It’s a war against terrorism and radical Islamism, against everything that would break our solidarity, our liberty, our fraternity.”
"Correction," one person said. "At war with Islam, as its goal is world domination. Until Muslim countries open & free, ban Islam." We found many others responding with similar messages.
Another Twitter user called for banning Islam in response to an op-ed at the Investor's Business Daily calling for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to reinstate monitoring of mosques. The user, going by the Twitter handle "Eleanor Roosevelt," said there "[s]houldn't be mosques in civilized countries" until Muslim countries are free and tolerant of other beliefs. "Deport Muslims. Ban Islam," the user said.
"How long can the #West deny that it must ban Islam?" one person asked. "You just can't trust followers of Islam, we need to rid the world of this plague," another person added.

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