Monday, January 12, 2015

Where’s The Jews’ Hashtag? #IllRideWithJew?

I know there’s nothing here which Crusaders don’t already know, but I’ve been pondering, and felt the need to share.

I’ve been thinking a bit recently about hypocrisy. We all know the Left peddles in lies and hypocrisy, because facts, logic, reason, truth and history destroy all their arguments.
The Left’s hypocrisy has been on display in glowing neon with the “Je Suis Charlie” and “Unity” marches over the past few days. As Andrew Bolt has said, they are NOT Charlie. They are hypocrites. The cartoons which the iSlamo-fascist murderers used as an excuse for behaving like iSlamo-fascist murderers are precisely the type of free speech the Left screams about. RACIST! they cry. ISLAMOPHOBIA! they shriek.
And yet now, They Are Charlie. Bullshit.
But, I was thinking this morning of another shocking display of hypocrisy; one I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere else.
Following the siege in Sydney, where another iSlamo-fascist murderer behaved like an iSlamo-fascist murderer, a silly Sydney girl thought to herself “I’m very worried about a racist iSlamophobic backlash. What can I do?” So, she invented a lie about a moslem woman on a bus, who was so afraid of the people riding the bus with her that she tried to surreptitiously remove her head-scarf. Seeing this, the silly little Sydney girl was shocked. Shocked, I tell you! So, (she claimed) she told the woman she should leave her head-scarf in place, and that she would ride with her. Thus was the lie that gave rise to the #IllRideWithYou hashtag which, of course (since the Twitterverse is awash with Leftists, Progressives, Silly Girls and other assorted effluent) immediately went “viral”.
The whole thing was based on a lie, because a silly girl was concerned about a backlash* against moslems.
But here’s something I’ve not seen: a hashtag campaign for #IllRideWithJew. An outpouring of compassion for the Jews murdered daily by iSlamo-fascist murderers, and offer to protect them from further violence. I wonder why that is? Is it perhaps because there is precisely NO personal risk to #IllRideWithYou, but a very real possibility of being either beaten or killed if you offer to #IllRideWithJew?
I wonder, when the violence starts in our little socialist paradise (and be assured, it will start. Anyone who believes otherwise simply hasn’t been paying attention) what will our reaction be? Will we take to the social media with a hashtag campaign to #HugAMoslem? Will we participate in meaningless and pointless “Unity” marches and “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along” parades? For the life of me, I can’t see the Kiwi reaction being any different to that of Australians, French, English or Swedes.
#Backlash: (noun) a strong or violent reaction, as to some political or social change

 In the civilised world, an all-but non-existent construct. Beginning with the Crusades in the Middle Ages, the civilised world has shown almost limitless patience towards the moslem world. There was precisely ZERO backlash against moslems in the West as a result of the iSlamo-fascist attacks on New York, London (twice), Madrid, Bali (twice) and now Paris (multiple times) and the more-than 20,000 other iSlamo-fascist attacks that have occurred since 9/11. Eventually, there will be a backlash, because there will HAVE to be. At some point, their mosques will be burned, the imams preaching hate, and those who listen and act on their instruction, dragged into the street and justice meted out. It won’t be at the hands of those sworn to “protect and serve”, and it will be to the horror of our political overlords, but it is inevitable, and once it begins, it will be unstoppable.
But we’re not there yet, and not likely to be for some time to come. I believe there are many more injustices and indignities to be suffered at the hands of iSlam before retribution will begin.
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