Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Well, you can’t very well have a dictatorship with a free Internet where people like us can speak our minds on a national and planetary basis, now can you :?: :evil:
So the free Internet goes down the tubes on Thursday – the latest power grab by the wanna-be-Stalin, Barack “The Magic Negro” Obama. In his dishonor, we patriots are already calling the Internet, “The Obamanet.”
The FCC vote is a done deal, three Democrats and two Republicans, means the vote goes to His Imperial Majesty Barack I.
What does this mean :?: Well for one thing you’ll need a license from the FCC to own a website, so I guess my little blog will bite the dust soon, as I will refuse to beg the government for my freedom of speech, which is not theirs to license. The speeds in the USA will go slower. Technical advances will slow or come to an end. The model for this regulation is Europe – and we all know how wonderfully well the European Union has guarded the freedom of speech.
Of course, our House of Representatives, which is allegedly under the control of the opposition, could stop this advance into tyranny by simply refusing to fund the FCC, but alas :!: The Republican leadership in the House is under the control of the Obama Regime by way of the RINO traitors.
The lights are going off in the Homeland of the Free World one at time. Under the U.S. Constitution Obama must step down on January 20, 2017 – but will he :?: Why should he :?: Obamacare was his First Blood and nothing effective was done to stop it :!: Now Obama has seized control of the Free Internet – and there is no discussion in the Republican Party on how to stop him. It’s a done deal. Another successful putsch against liberty by Obama :!: I will make another easy prediction: NOTHING WILL BE DONE :!:
Therefore, why should Obama step down in 2017 :?: He has ignored the supreme law of the land countless times and got away with it, why should the 22nd Amendment stop him from being President-For-Life :?: If what has happened the last six years is any indication there will be voices raised in protest and maybe some angry letters to the editor, maybe an outraged demonstration or two, but will anything effective done like starting the American Revolution 2.0 and shooting the traitors :?:
I doubt it. No wonder the suicide rate in America is at record levels :!: No wonder Americans in record numbers are renouncing their citizenship. This last move is useless because once liberty is lost here there is no “America 2.0″ ….
Can you say, “New Dark Ages :?:
Like the man said, “The buck ends here.” :sad:

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