Saturday, February 28, 2015


The age old wet dream of dictators like Obama is CONQUEST OF THE WORLD DURING THEIR LIFETIMES.
I would not be taken in by this current evolution of the American Left as “touchy-feelie wimps” :!: I know these people, hell, I live in a FAR Leftist city, and you can take it from me that the New Left is no different from the Old Left. It’s heart is still hate filled Stalinist Red that wants you dead if you oppose them or enslaved if you don’t, and much of what they have done in the West during the years since WW II is simply window dressing, democratic politics, public relations and propaganda.
Hence, items on their agenda today like abortion, gay rights, minority rights, etc. could be dumped overnight and the very next day they could be AGAINST everything they were for yesterday. LEFTISTS LIE :!: Look at Obama: in 2008 he was against homosexual marriage. Today he’s for it; in 2009 Obama promised that “If you liked your doctor, you can keep your doctor” in regards to Obamacare; today he admits he lied.
Today Obama appears to be pulling back to the American Homeland and cutting the military. But maybe not if the Internet rumors are true and he has turned on the nuke assembly lines, which was totally unnecessary as America has over 10, 000 nuclear warheads :!: Yes, the American military is being downsized, but who are getting fired :?: The patriotic officers and senior NCOs – the professional soldiers – and their replacements are reliable Leftists, at least in the most senior levels.
When I was a young republican soldier at age 18 in the elite Military Intelligence Corps it was drummed into my head that when writing reports on “The Reds” (back then we still called the Left, be they foreign or domestic, “The Reds”) never to underestimate them or over overestimate them, but give our commanders realistic analysis of what they were capable of doing.
Hence, I try to give my fellow Crusaders a realistic analysis of what our Leftist enemy is doing and what he CAN do. I know understanding the Left is very hard for the majority of people in the world to understand because THEIR MINDS DO NOT WORK LIKE OUR MINDS :!:
In Military Intelligence at Ft. Devens, Massachusetts we young Cold Warrior soldiers were sent to classes taught by former Communists to enable us to crawl into the mind of the Red enemy. Once you accomplish this task, the Left, in all its many varieties, becomes much easier to predict and defeat.
In the movie “Patton” the general – well played by George C. Scott – says after watching a successful American battle against Nazi troops in North Africa during 1942 – “Rommel, you magnificent bastard! I read your BOOK :!:”
In other words, Patton was the Allies best ground combat general in Europe during WW II because he had crawled inside the mind of the enemy. This meant defeating them became a piece of cake for his Third “Blitz” Army who ripped the Nazis a new asshole in 1944/45 by killing, wounding and capturing over one million enemy soldiers :!:
My friends be a successful Crusader in this latest round of global combat for the hearts and minds of the lovable sheeple, we sheepdog from the Leftist Wolf:

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