Monday, March 02, 2015


I’m watching a summary of TV news and opinion programs on my computer this morning, and what immediately strikes me is the lack of ALARM over Obama’s slow motion putsch against the Republic :!: :evil:
….even Fox News…they may make mention of some things Obama is doing, but its like, “Hoo-Hum” business as usual…no reason for alarm..."Move along people, nothing to see here."
All eyes are on 2016 and the various Republican candidates are appearing in various venues as if the Obama Regime wasn’t working 24/7 to end presidential elections. :shock:
However, among patriot groups who are looking at the unfolding and never ending Leftist coup against the U.S. Constitution, there is righteous anger and much of it directed at the Republican Party in Congress that could stop the Progressive tyranny machine dead in its tracks by money starvation, but lacks the balls pull the trigger to stop the lawless Obama Regime.
….and this is just the beginning of Obama’s bloodless putsch against the U.S. Constitution – He has until Jan. 20, 2017 to finish off freedom in America. :twisted:
I wonder what Congress will say when Obama shows up on Capitol Hill with his heavily armed Homeland Security thugs dressed head to toe in black and declares Congress disbanded and arrested :?:
He wouldn’t be that OBVIOUS would he :?: :shock:
I see so many parallels between what’s happening today and the run-up to the American Revolution and the U.S. Civil War that I’ve lost counts – OMINOUS PARALLELS – is the best I can do.
My best educated guess, as I’ve stated many times before, is that the insurrection will not breakout until the Government goes one “Intolerable Act” too many – it could be a “gun grab” like the one the British did on April 19, 1775 – or maybe there will be an economic collapse that leads to anarchy and civil war….any number of things….but it will be BLOODY and there will be bodies all over the place.
I predict the coming insurrection will come as a COMPLETE SURPRISE to all parties involved, including old revolutionists like me. BANG :!: SURPRISE :!: Lights :!: Cameras :!: Action :!:
The truth is that revolutionaries like Barack Obama can plot and dream revolution for decades, but it takes a critical mass before the explosion – ALSO, there is this: Those who dreamed and plotted revolution for years will have no standing when the BEAST finally appears. Many people cry for a leader; a REVOLUTIONARY leader. Where is HE :?: DUH :!: HE walks among us now and does not know HE is the elect. Hint: HE is not Barack Obama. :shock:
The old revolutionaries like myself are the John The Baptists making the announcement….We make the path straight for HE who will walk the walk and talk the talk.

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