Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Americans consider "WHO?" the "Grestest Person Who Ever Lived!"

Hot off the Press is a "Harris Poll" released on 3-14-2009. They asked Americans whom they considered the greatest person who ever lived.

George Washington - who achieved as follows . . .

> > Billionaire by age 30 (owned a mansion with 60,000 acres)
> > Was General-in-Chief of a major 9-year Revolutionary War,
> > Elected to preside over the US Constitutional Convention, which is the longest operating Constitution in the World,
> > Unanimously elected First President of the United States,
> > Reelected President, and then declined a third term
> > Built the City of Washington DC out of a wilderness including the US Capitol Building,
> > Was 33rd-Degree Mason, a Worshipful Master for nearly 50 years (which is why he never professed Christ, Twice-Grand-Master of the Year for the whole nation, is considered today the Greatest Mason Who ever lived (eclipsing Napoleon, Simon Bolivar, Harry Truman-&-Several other Presidents, and has a living Masonic Memorial organization which is the largest ongoing memorial organization in history (apart from Christ's Church, Islam, etc.
> > Left over 60,000 pages of memoirs including 10,000 letters
> > Was instrumental in the founding of the nation from 1774, the Continental Congresses - such as Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine - and volunteered to lead the troops, having successfully led troops in the French & Indian War,
> > His legacy is the "Father of our Country" for his influence from the French & Indian War forward, a young Congressman from Virginia, the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, instigating the Revolutionary War, and forming a "New & Independent Nation!" - a Democratic Republic, etc.,
After winning the war - the whole world was convinced Washington would declare himself "King!" In fact, King George-III of England whom he defeated in the War, said "If Washington steps down and surrenders power to the Congress, I will declare him the Greatest man In the World!"
Any of these would be a great accomplishment for any man for a whole life work! To achieve them all in one less-than-70-years life, is indeed a feat that may never be equaled.
[If you KNOW of anyone who exceeded this record in an earthly sense (for this researcher, Jesus is FIRST by light-years!)]
Truly, all of that was written to say: "George Washington didn't even make the list!"

"George Washington didn't even make the list!"

Hot off the Press is a "Harris Poll" released on 3-14-2009, asking Americans who they consider the greatest person who ever . . . lived.

> > George Washington, didn't make the list!

> > Ronald Reagan was number [5]
> > Abe Lincoln was number [4]
> > Martin Luther King Jr. was number [3]
> > Jesus Christ was number [2]
> > Barack Obama was number [1]


Michael Harris said...

What! No Snoop Dog? Not one moronic rapper on the list? I think it must be a fix...

Ronald Barbour said...

Say what?

I'm still in shock after reading this article!