Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Obama is going after Hillary….MAJOR WITCH HUNT IN PROGRESS:!:
Apparently, O’Bummer doesn’t want her as president, as he thinks she is to the RIGHT :!: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
THE HILDABEAST :!: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I just love it when the Revolution eats its own children…Kinda like that Stalin-Trotsky feud….and O’Bummer is doing it the same way he crushed General Petraeus…THE EMAILS :!: :shock:
Well, the wily old Hildabeast should have seen this one coming, after all, her former boss OWNS the National Security Agency, which no doubt gave him Petraeus’ head on a platter in his EMAIL PURGE :!:
Granted, the Hildabeast had her own private server that was physically guarded by the U.S. Secret Service, but the data lines to and from the server are controlled by NSA that is controlled by O’Bummer. DUH :!: :roll: I mean like everyone in the world KNEW that from years ago. I mean like everyone in the world KNOWS that you do not trust the EMAILS with sensitive information, “Come in Planet Hildabeast :!::roll:
Since I’m an enemy of the Clintons from way back, I’m enjoying the destruction of the Hildabeast. Yes, I’ve laid in an extra special supply of beer and popcorn :!: :mrgreen:
Once again almighty GOD is taking care of my enemies for me :!:
I wonder if at the end of the Clinton Purge, the Hildabeast gets the ice pick in the back of the head like Trotsky :?:
BE STILL MY HEART :!: :twisted:

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