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He started by joining a small political party in 1919. Spent countless days, weeks, months AND years forming, planning, developing and organizing the party. He had a goal. A relentless goal. He WORKED at finding like-minded men who declared opposition to the Jews, Christianity, Capitalism, Communism and the democratic German Republic. He used both violence and the democratic process to destroy freedom in Germany during 1933/34.

Adolf Hitler and his compatriots accomplish over a period from 1919 - 1931, all the things needed to form a new government. It wasn't easy. They were but a very small group of men who had a goal. They WORKED to further their goal.

One man alone cannot impact a nation. Hitler realized this fact in Munich during 1919. He did not create the Nazi Party. The founder of the National Socialist German Workers' Party was Anton Dexler who was searching for an orator to advance the membership of the small Munich based Nazi Party. Thus a marriage made in hell: Hitler as speaker quickly ran up the membership rolls of the Nazi Party and became its leader.
The rest of the Hitler story is well known to most of us, so I won't bother the reader with a well known history lesson...
Chicago is the 1980s and 90s was the "American Munich" of the era where radical Leftists from all over the country plotted the downfall of the American Republic. One man finally rose out of the muck of a tonic witch's brew of anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity and totalitarianism that had successful merged with the traditional Chicago gangster tradition.
The high priest of this movement was Saul Alinsky who codified the ideology of the putsch against the U.S. Constitution in "Rules For Radicals." Obama became a devotee to the philosophy of Alinsky sometime in the mid 1980s and became a "Community Organizer" in which he taught classes in the technique of the coup against democracy. In the 1990s Obama briefly joined a small socialist party in Chicago (shades of Hitler joining the Nazi Party in 1919!)but quickly dropped out. It would appear he realized the traditional fate of third parties in American politics.
Obama became a member of the Democrat Party, the big Left wing party of American politics that was founded by Andrew Jackson in the 1830s, the party of slavery, segregation and democratic socialism. Yes, the Democrat Party had evolved by the early 21st century and now rejected its past to include democratic socialism. Yes, socialism, the idea that government should directly control or regulate all aspects of life in the American Republic, would remain in its heart; however, the electoral process of vote by majority to enact the Democrat's socialist agenda was rejected in favor of SOCIALISM BY ALL MEANS - legal or illegal - violent, or non-violent.
I leave it for future historians to cite the means and personalities of the totalitarian evolution of the Democrat Party in the early 21st century and the role Obama had in its birth and childhood, but certainly by 2005, the airwaves and the Internet were filled with hate monger Democrat voices yelling for the death of Republican president George Bush and the destruction of the Republican Party. I called this the rise of the "Leftist Hate Machine" and on this blog recorded picture after picture, document after document, video after video, of Democrats calling for death of Bush and other leading Republican figures.
The ominous parallels with the rise of Nazism in the 1920s was quite scary, especially to the student of history like me! I begin to re-read that classic non-fiction book of the late 1950s, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by journalist/historian William Shirer, who was a first hand witness in Berlin to Hitler's rise to power. The missing element the rising totalitarian Left did not have in 2005, I believed, was a single personality like Hitler to rally around.
I was wrong. Barack Obama announced his leadership of the merging totalitarian Democrat Party when he gave the keynote speech at the Democrat convention in 2004. This would mark the beginning of his conquest of Democrat Party and of his rise to the presidency in 2008. Once again I leave the gory details of the internal battle between the Obama machine and the Clinton machine within the Democrat Party, but at the end of the struggle in 2008, the most radical Leftist faction in the Democrat Party stood in leadership and Obama stood as the Democrat nominee for president.
I have neither the time or space to write of the systemic destruction of the American Republic in the years since Obama took office on January 20, 2009 - an ocean of ink could be written on that topic - but fast forward to 2015, which seems to be a repeat in a general way of the actions of the Nazis in 1933/34 when they murdered the German Republic. Like Hitler in early 1933 when he became the last Chancellor of free Germany, Obama now Rules by Decree (Presidential Orders) and is the de facto dictator of the American Republic. Like the Reichstag of the pre-Hitler German Republic, the U.S. Congress has done nothing effective to stop the naked power grab by its Chief Executive. Like the Media of the pre-Hitler German Republic, the American Media is pretty much the voice of the Regime.
Under the conditions of the merging American national socialism, how much longer can liberty last in America?
1. Both men not a native of his country. Hitler was an Austrian. Obama was a Kenyan.
2. Great orator: Both Hitler and Obama.
3. Joined political parties and movements. Did not create them. Both Hitler and Obama.
4. Spent years building up a political power base and working within the existing democratic political system: Both Hitler and Obama.
5. Came to power as a result of the democratic process: Both Hitler and Obama.
6. Wrote a book(s) before coming to power: Both Hitler and Obama. Hitler's book, "My Struggle"; Obama's book, "Dreams From My Father."
Etc,, etc., etc.
"He who forgets history is condemned to repeat it."

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