Monday, March 02, 2015


If Boeing executives want to leave the state, they are welcome to do that...The fact is, the workers are here. The factories are here. … We are therefore calling for the democratic, public ownership by workers and by the community of the workplaces of the big corporations. --Sawant, 2013
In 1960 Detroit was the most wealthy city in the USA with the highest individual incomes.
In 2015 Detroit has fallen from third world status to hardly existing due to population flight and property destruction by arsonists and lack of maintenance.

The few who still live in the ruins of the once proud and modern city exist in the Obamaville slums of Detroit without water, electric, heat, or a good roof to keep out the rain, and barely survive on the welfare dime.
What happened to Detroit? Did the former Motor City hall fall victim to fire bombing by the Luftwaffe? Did a foreign army lay siege and pound the former pride of Michigan into rubble with heavy artillery? Did a natural disaster like an earthquake level city block after city block of once well built and wealthy homes?
No, what happened to Detroit is happening today to Seattle  - Decades of rule by Democratic Socialists, who have  destroyed other cities in the Northeast like the "murder capital of America" - Chicago.
Socialism in any form DESTROYS HUMAN BEINGS!!! History 101!!!
Counselor  Sawant is a power mad socialist monster with a sweet and innocent smile who would reduce "The Emerald City" to smoking ruins filled with stinking dead bodies and hopeless wrecks of human beings like Detroit - for the Socialist, the ends justify the means.

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