Saturday, April 04, 2015


Old myths never die, they just stay around and continue to make the rounds on the Internet.
This "Blast From The Past" by fraudster Jack Idema and posted on WND in 2003 was recently discovered floating around the Internet by Penny Alesi, the former wife of "Tora Bora" con man, Jack Idema.
Idema never killed anyone....directly.
The emails that correct the record are posted below:

> From: Penny <>
> Subject: Re: Jack Idema and me
> To: "Rob Orchard" <>
> Date: Thursday, April 2, 2015, 10:01 AM
> I received your email and
> thank you. Here's the thing, and I really hope you
> understand what I am going to write. Jack Idema was a con
> man and did so much damage to good people. That being said,
> he also did some damage to bad people. But his story is a
> story by itself. It doesn't require any embellishing or
> sensationalism. I wasn't present when he killed some
> bikers or was duped into blowing up a busload of children. I
> don't have to have been there to know that it didn't
> happen. As demented as he was, and I know first hand because
> I lived with him, he would never be "duped" in any
> area of life. He was the greatest manipulator and there is
> not a being that could make him do anything. He respected
> bikers and would never hurt little children or even animals
> for that fact. So when people like you repeat an untruth,
> sometimes it gets repeated so much it becomes a truth. Jack
> doesn't deserve that. His legacy is of fraud, treason
> & attempted murder via
>  infecting men
> and women with HIV 1&2. I would say that is enough of a
> horrible story right there. So please leave him alone or
> repeat that part. So hopefully the right thing will result
> in someone getting tested for HIV and not infecting anyone
> else. Realize the truth and remember why you report it.
> Thank you. Penny Alesi
> --------------------------------------------
> On Sat, 3/28/15, Rob Orchard <>
> wrote:
>  Subject: Re: Jack Idema
>  To: "Penny" <>
>  Date: Saturday, March 28, 2015, 5:20 PM

>  Dear
> Penny
>  We did not mean to
> cause you any offence. I have taken the article down and
> we
>  won't republish it.
> All the best
>  Rob

>  Rob
>  OrchardDirectorThe Slow
> Journalism
>  Company

>  On 28
> March 2015 at 20:54,
>  Penny <>
>  wrote:
>  Do not
>  use my name anymore. Especially to recycle it
> for your own
>  monetary personal gain. I am
> asking you to take down my name
>  on your
> article and not sell my name. This is your only
>  warning. Any information I had ever given I
> never received a
>  dime for and whoever you
> are will not use me for money
>  either. Cease
> and desist now. Just stop selling this story.
>  You must be a new class of scum to sell a
> story that was out
>  years ago for money and
> I can promise you that you will not
>  get
> away with it. Penny Alesi

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