Saturday, April 11, 2015


ISIS is hiring.
A job advertisement has surfaced online aimed at supporters of the Islamic State who do not wish to fight on the front lines.
Omar Hussain, a British jihadist who fled the UK to join the Islamic State in Syria, has posted 10 positions that the terrorist organization is looking to fill.
Writing on behalf of the group under the name Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani, the devout ISIS member explains that while not wanting to be a soldier is a “sign of weak faith,” there is still much work to be done even if you’re afraid to kill or wage jihad, the Independent reports.
Number one on the list of available occupations is press officer, needed for the so-called ISIS “media center.” This “internal media” position would provide support from the masses as Western news outlets continue to release loads of “negative propaganda” against the group, Al-Britani said.
Another post that he said needed to be filled is the role of schoolteacher. This person would ultimately be in charge of instructing the “next generation … the correct Islamic teachings.”
“Imagine the reward in nurturing a child upon tawheed (oneness with God) and jihad (holy struggle)!” Al-Britani said.
“All his efforts and deeds he does due to you teaching him will earn you huge rewards. And many of these children are the sons and daughters of Mujahedeen and martyrs.”

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