Friday, April 03, 2015

Was Memories Pizza a Victim of Irresponsible Journalism? Yes.

The Tunnel Wall
 First things first: We must learn the term "yellow journalism"   "Yellow journalism is exaggerated or biased media reporting that is disguised as fact. Originating out of an intense competition between rival newspapers in the late 1800s, it involves taking a factual story and presenting it in a sensational or distorted way. It may be used to invoke fear, loathing, uncertainty or even sympathy in readers, but often, the bottom line is an attempt to boost sales or viewership and gain more market share." . . .

 Ann Coulter: “We have a different hate campaign each week.”. . . " She pointed out that the left has adopted a regular cycle of outrage which usually turns out to be false. She also urged Republicans and conservative Christians to stand up to bullies." Video

 Rush Limbaugh has great news out of Indiana. . "So, some people decide to help out and set up a donation fund at the website When this program started yesterday they had raised $140,000 and I think their original goal was a hundred grand, then it became 200 grand. The last time I checked was about, let's see here, yep, about a half hour ago, 35 minutes ago, $546,842 pledged to the Memories Pizza shop and the O'Connor family."
Here's how we stand up to these bullies!

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