Friday, May 15, 2015

Don't laugh! "Putin For President of the United States of America!"

Seriously. Think about it. He's White, Christian, Nationalist and serious about protecting Russia's borders. Putin doesn't take any crap from the homosexuals, the feminists, the intellectuals, environmentalists and the rest of the Leftist filth. The preachers of Islam in the Russian Mosques are restricted by Putin to a gospel of peace. Putin is very pro military and the Russian Armed Forces are honored in massive military parades every year in Red Square. When was the last time an American president honored the thin red line of American heroes in a military parade in Washington, D.C.? Indeed, if the U.S. Constitution has ended under Obama and elective dictatorship is America's fate, then at least let us have a pro- American leader like Putin who supports and defends traditional American values. Vlad, will you be free in 2016? The Republican Party sure could use a man with balls and with Christian family values.

President Vladimir Putin's appearance amid crowds in Moscow honouring ordinary people who served in World War Two seems to be part of an image-change, as...

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