Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I agreed to enter a partnership with Penny Alesi to expose the infamous “Black Jack” Idema, the former husband of Ms. Alesi in 2010. The basis of this alliance was trust and we both pledged mutual honesty in our quest to expose every secret thing that touched on the life of this American traitor. During the next five years we would produce dozens of articles on my blog with documents and pictures supporting our arguments.

The division of labor in this undertaking was one where Ms. Alesi provided the documents, pictures and rough drafts of the proposed articles. I would rewrite her first drafts and whip them into a publishable article. Ms. Alesi would proof read and offer suggestions to improve them. Then a final draft would be produced by me and published. This book length series of articles has remained on my blog for five years as my property, the only form of compensation that Ms. Alesi could offer, as she was barely surviving on a small Social Security disability benefit from the government.

I will fast forward to 2015 and my week long working vacation (April 22 to April 28 2015) with Ms. Alesi near her home in New Fairfield, Connecticut where we met daily for long interviews hours in length and viewed new material she produced. It was in the course of these interviews with Ms. Alesi at the “Bed and Breakfast Inn” in Danbury, Connecticut I discovered she had lied on several key points concerning her reason to be in Mexico with Black Jack Idema.

This information proved to be a game changer for me. I realized right away that I had been recruited to her cause by lies and my friend, Ms. Alesi, was not my friend. I felt betrayed and quite upset, but I successfully hid my true feelings behind a professional mask, and we finished the interviews on April 28th with a photo session. Ms. Alesi was well dressed for the photo op and neither looked or acted like the terminal AIDS patient with only six months to live. Ms. Alesi made a shocking statement, as I was getting into the limo for the long drive to JFK International Airport, “This will be the last time you see me alive.”

The next two weeks were a time of great mental anguish for me. I still felt bound by a friendship five years long marked by countless long distance phone calls and hundreds of emails. In a way Ms. Alesi had become family, so I felt bound by loyalty to her above friendship and a work relationship. However, the lies that she told me prior to 2015, and now confessed to without batting an eye, made continued partnership with her impossible.
The Alesi Confession also opened the gates of legal hell for me should I continue as her partner.
Therefore, I cut off all relationship of any type with Ms. Penny Alesi of New Fairfield, Connecticut. I consider all material given by her to me for the production of a Kindle book on Black Jack Idema to be my personal property that was given to me as a QUID PRO QUO in lieu of monetary compensation for my work.





Tommie Rosenthal said...

He is not dead.

Ronald Barbour said...

Neither is Jesus a spiritual sense. said...

No comparison, I have seen him recently.

Ronald Barbour said...

Jesus or Idema?