Thursday, May 14, 2015


There are riots breaking out in Baltimore. These follow on the heels of other riots around the nation — Missouri, New York, Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, etc.
There is free floating rage wrecking havoc all over the place, with innocents killed, beaten, sent to the hospital; and emotional trauma galore as people are terrorized. Precious police resources are redirected; millions of dollars wasted; and then, other innocents suffer because of police delays. 
How does it all start? With the steady drumbeat of the leaders, using phrases developed from decades of studying psychology and propaganda, now pumped into the national consciousness. The messages are both old and new — new in that they are transmitted covertly now too, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al.
The messages are old also because we’ve seen all this before, in revolutions around the world: divide and conquer, class warfare, and on and on it goes . but this has all happened earlier still, before the beginning of time; the Great Destroyer is behind every action that agitates and destroys, that promotes terror and chaos.
What we see today is the inevitable consequences of people in positions of power who promote mayhem and pandemonium, who agitate grudges, lots of grudges, their own and those who can be easily manipulated. Grudges are harbored, nursed, and fomented until they take on a life of their own.
We have a leadership who once was young but now are older, and they cut their teeth in places that we’ve all heard about, groups organized not to spread love or life, but to crash the system, to overwhelm it, to create vague, diffuse panic, first here, then there, so that no one knows where it’s coming from or from where it started. 
They use young people who are lost and disenfranchised to do the dirty work; and, as with most revolutions and wars, the masterminds don’t get their hands dirty. (1) Same with the Internet warriors, those people with day jobs who agitate online, anonymously, trolling, maybe for themselves, maybe for pay.
And if anyone dares to disagree, to balk, to express concern for those young, poor people who are used, then spit out, there are all sorts of repercussions. . . because that’s how terrorism works; dissenters cannot speak up, they must shut up; and the movers and shakers make sure this happens through their control of Facebook and unions and the easily programmed young people; while the masterminds relax in the evening, in leafy suburbs, in houses worth several millions from lucrative lecture tours and books still paying generous royalties.
And the dissidents? They get ostracized, marginalized, ridiculed, threatened. Familiar tactics, practiced a hundred years ago in Russia, then China, Cambodia and all the rest. . . . later imported to the US in the 60s, engineered and paid for by those with unlimited cash to do so: foundations, governmental GMOs, nonprofit agencies with names that keep changing.
This is the situation that we have today, though it is easy to become desensitized by it; it’s been several long years of it; it’s easy to start believing that this is how it was in the past. It wasn’t. 
So, voting public. I say this to you: pay attention not to your fantasies and wishes, not to your utopian visions, which will not take place in this lifetime, no matter how hard you try. Don’t vote with your grudges; vote with love, vote from your better angels. 
You are not a cosmic mistake, you are not as low as a baboon or ape; you are a soul in a human body — remember who you are and Who created you. Listen to the Voice of the Divine who breathed you into existence. If something promotes love, it is good. If something promotes hatred and aggression, it is bad.
And vote next year this way, vote with love. Vote from the kind of love that wakes you up in the middle of the night sobbing because you’re loved by a love that you didn’t even know possible; the kind of love that brings you to your knees because you are cherished and forgiven in spite of who you are and everything that you’ve ever done.
Face it, Mr. and Mrs. America. Face it, voting public. Despite your good intentions, look reality in the face. Things are terrible and terrifying and only getting worse. Destruction, terror, ruination. . . a country hangs by a thread.
Pay attention this time. Align yourself with God’s will. Embrace hope, the real hope, that is, God. He is the only possibility of hope in this broken, fallen world. 
Next year, don’t continue to take us down a treacherous cliff. Remember what children do– and adults when they are not paying attention. 
What do they do? They follow the leader. Sometimes blindly
(1) A then-young African American reporter, Juan Williams, published an article in the Washington Post in the 80s. In it, he lambasted the Left for using young blacks as cannon fodder. He demanded that they get their own hands dirty and fight their own wars. Not much is said about this anymore, tragically.
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