Monday, May 25, 2015

This lady* wants to be the leader of the free world!

 *"Lady" here in no way is the same as "Lady Thatcher"

 The Tunnel Wall
"Andrew C. McCarthy: Hillary Discussed Highly Sensitive Information, Now Classified “Secret,” on Her Private Email – as We Predicted … . . .
 "Within hours, the Obama administration was forced to concede that at least one of the emails contained classified information. . . . "Yet it is already clear that, as secretary of state, she did business in a way that was, at a minimum, grossly irresponsible … and quite possibly worse. She had to have realized the near certainty that an official of her stature would have been targeted for surveillance of her private emails by foreign intelligence services. Yet, in her determination not to leave a paper trail that might damage her political prospects, she ignored the risks. The Justice Department, which has prosecuted high government officials for mishandling national defense information, should be investigating – and that includes acquiring custody of Mrs. Clinton’s private server."

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