Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Walter Williams: Black Lives Matter

The Tunnel Wall: 
 HopeN'Change: Fallen Heroes  ". . . the real problem is a "lack of trust" between minority communities and the police. A "lack of trust" fomented by the likes of Barack Obama when he refers to the Ferguson police as oppressors. A "lack of trust" that gets officers killed.

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This Is Police Memorial Week – Appreciate Them While You Still Can . . . " Obama is behind the movement to demonize police so he can federalize them just as he did to doctors, insurance companies, bankers, and Israelis.
"One source said they might turn their backs on Barack Obama Friday during the Memorial service. If they do, we need to support them.
"Mr. Obama has made the police the enemy. You think we’d get smart after he’s done it so many times to push he far-left agenda."

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