Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Yawn! Another day, another fake attack on a homosexual. So there he is footloose, queer, wearing his earbuds and listening to his gay music when he is allegedly attacked for no reason by two men who shout gay slurs while they kick his butt. This is allegedly witnessed by a straight white couple who do nothing more than stop and observe. One wonders why they didn't record the alleged anti-homosexual beat down on their camera ready iPhone? Also, why did the alleged victim not go on the TV news with a first hand report on the alleged beat down? Methinks there is more this story than being reported, as I suspect the alleged victim knew who his attackers were and personal motives was involved here. After all, it could well be the attackers were homosexuals who were infected with HIV by the alleged victim.
SEATTLE -- Residents in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood are on edge after two anti-gay attacks over the weekend.

"I'm shocked," Kayla Didier said of the attacks.

She and her boyfriend Adam Kelly say they never see any trouble on the 500 block of Bellevue Avenue East in Capitol Hill. It's a residential street and one they walk often.

"It's surprising and it's scary. Scary that that would happen and that people can feel they can get away with that sort of thing," said Kelly.

Police say last Friday afternoon, in broad daylight, two men surrounded another man, shoved him to the ground, kicked him and shouted gay slurs.

"We like having such an eclectic group around, so it's troubling. It makes us upset," said Dan Hawcap.

Hawcap lives on the street and says it's surprising an anti-gay assault would happen here.

"This is a pretty low crime area this particular pocket's really quiet pretty mellow," he said.

It wasn't the only reported attack over the weekend. Seattle police say a couple was victimized Sunday night on East Olive Way, which is a much busier commercial area.

This comes just after SPD's Safe Place Program was launched. Businesses who display a rainbow sticker will let someone who's being attacked know that they can come inside for safety. However, that sort of shelter may not be available on a street that's just residential.

The victim on Bellevue Avenue East told police he was wearing his headphones when he was attacked. That's something that Didier has already considered.

"When I'm alone and I have my earbuds in I definitely crank the volume down just so I can hear people talking and footsteps," she said.

Police are looking for any possible surveillance video of both attacks.

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