Sunday, June 07, 2015

Research links: Past Tunnel Wall posts on the Normandy landings, June 6th, 1944

The Tunnel Wall:
"D-Day- and beyond- Airborne site; one of the best I've ever seen "Parachute infantry uniforms Including advice for the collector. 

"This page offers examples of unquestionably original uniforms acquired directly from vets or their families BEFORE the insane prices started-up. My purpose in posting these is to inform collectors of what real stuff looks like (see also Insignia, Equipment, and Souvenirs pages), not to gloat about what I've got." Mark Bando. 

"D-Day; Omaha Beach then and now photographs (Updated, 12/3/2011) " 

"Dec, 2011 Update: Normandy, 1944; then and now photos "Our previous emphases (below) on Omaha Beach gave short shrift to the other landing sites. This should do a bit to fill in some of those gaps with photos. Click on some of the WW2 photos of the site, "Men of D-Day" and you will also see that location as it is today. Don't you love stuff like that?" TD' "

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