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Some thoughts on the Bundy Ranch matter:
It has been slightly over one year since the confrontation at the Bundy Ranch in northern Clark County, Nevada. I wanted to take this space to reiterate certain constitutional points that I made in reference to that matter at that time. While I cannot speculate as to all the motivations for the actions of Cliven Bundy at that time, we can make certain constitutional observations.
The federal government owning and administering raw land within a State is a direct violation of the Constitution Article 1 Section 8 Part 17 (known as the “Enclave Clause”) which states in part that the only reason for the federal government to own land within a State is “for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful Buildings.” The fact that some States agreed as a condition of Statehood to cede certain of their lands to the federal government does not alter the fact that that action at that time was and remains unconstitutional. The Enclave Clause was written and approved by the Founding Fathers to attempt to ensure that States are not dominated by the Federal Government.
Ultimately, this is Mr. Bundy’s complaint.  He does not recognize the authority of the federal government to administer lands in Nevada that do not have the required buildings upon them and he therefore wishes to not make grazing payments to the federal government but rather to some other properly constituted authority. He also sees the growing power of the federal government as a threat to liberty and as an attempt to enslave the citizenry.
The writers of the Constitution gave vast powers to the federal government in foreign affairs but very limited powers to the federal government in domestic affairs. This was done for a reason, to protect the citizens from dictatorship. All Americans should read carefully Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution (the “Enumerated Powers”) and its corollary Amendment X. Any careful reading of those sections will also show that the federal government has no authority to protect endangered species and actually has no authority to do about 80% of the things they presently engage in.
The continuous and growing unconstitutional intrusions by the federal government into the lives of private citizens is one major reason for the anger on display at the Bundy Ranch and for the anger felt by many citizens toward their own government. Until the federal government starts following the Constitution this anger will only increase and the civil divisions will continue to intensify.
Lewis Shupe
There has been a lot of speculation about the Jade Helm operation scheduled for this summer due primarily to the size, scope and length of time this operation will require. We have received here numerous emails and links regarding this subject. While we do not believe it is a prelude to Martial Law we are still wary knowing the depths to which this current administration will go to continue to change the United States into a socialist country.
For those of you in the affected areas keep your eyes and ears open and let us know what is transpiring. The U.S. Freedom Army is not large enough or strong enough to interfere in any way even if we wished to do so but we need to stay informed as to the details of what is being undertaken by the Navy Seals, Special Forces, et al.
We do not believe at this time that Jade Helm is a practice session for Martial Law.
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We are building an army of concerned citizens. You are the people who are sick and tired of the way this great nation is being managed and who are sick and tired of the continuous unconstitutional intrusions by government into your personal lives. All of you are a part of this army. We are honored that you reported for duty.
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