Sunday, July 26, 2015

L.A. Times cheers threat of violence against conservative editor Ben Shapiro

. . . "Tur said Shapiro didn't know what he was talking about and didn't know anything about genetics. Shapiro then asked a question that prompted the threat. "

'What are your genetics, sir?” he asked. 

Tur put her hand on Shapiro's shoulder and said: “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” 

 “ 'That seems mildly inappropriate for a political discussion," Shapiro said in response. Instead of calling for civility, some on the panel suggested Shapiro deserved the threat. 

"Entertainment journalist Segun Oduolowu, who had earlier called Jenner a fraud, said that, to be fair, Shapiro was being rude. Shapiro disagreed. “ 'I’m sorry, it’s not rude to say that someone who’s biologically a male is a male," he said. Tur, however, told Shapiro: “You just called me a ‘sir.'” And that, apparently, warranted a threat of physical violence." . . .

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