Wednesday, July 08, 2015


                                                    They were not easily moved,
                                                   They were icy — willing to wait
                                                  Till every count should be proved,
                                                 Ere the Saxon began to hate.’
                                   The Wrath of The Awakened Saxon – Rudyard Kipling

Excellent comments the Crusaders are making today concerning an excellent article by Victor David Hanson, thus proving the thesis once again that Great Minds Think Alike.
As is well known, BEFORE there can be a revolutionary outbreak there must first be THE HATE. The recent Supreme Court decision in favor of homosexual marriage provoked ANGER among 150 to 200 million Christian Americans.
Yes, I know they didn’t rush to arms and started marching on Washington, D.C. – I never expected this to happen at this time – but this illegal judicial decision was surely marked down in the revolutionist log as yet another “Intolerable Act.”
I have no idea when the fatal revolutionary Rubicon will be crossed by the Obama Regime and the guns fly off the walls and out of the gun cabinets into the hands of outraged Patriots, but I suspect the event will happen in the next 18 months.
Until then, my Crusaders Friends, keep your powder dry and remember this when the next series of “Intolerable Acts” issue forth from the mouth of the Communist Beast in Washington, D.C.

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