Friday, July 10, 2015

Rally For The Christian Klein Bakers And Against The Satanic Homosexual Left

How can we do something, anything?  Lars Larson has one suggestion:

. . .  Although the couple was able to secure another cake for their wedding within a matter of days and even received a free cake from celebrity pastry chef Duff Goldman, they filed a complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry.  The State of Oregon has prosecuted this case vigorously and has asked for damages in excess of $150,000.The Kleins have already had to close their shop and have been struggling to make ends meet.  They have five children, the youngest of which are two year old twins. The state is going after their personal assets and any amount they have to pay will be money that they would have used to pay their mortgage and feed their children.

"This page exists with the knowledge and cooperation of the Kleins.
"Give today to help Aaron and Melissa as they stand for their faith and their constitutional right to live out their faith without fear of punishment by the government." . . .

The Go Fund Me site for Aaron and Melissa Klein shows  "Campaign Not Found".
Bill Hayden
The Tunnel Dweller

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