Thursday, August 20, 2015


If a nation does not exist there can be no “nationalism” – and as it stands today the United States of America is no longer a nation, since it will not defend its borders – especially the one with Mexico.

The good news is a New Regime – one led by a stalwart patriot and armed with the almost dictatorial powers of the modern American presidency – America can build border walls. fences and defenses- and once more be the proud nationalist nation it was in the past.
Pictures of the soon-to-be-built TRUMP WALL:

Yes, we can secure our borders!

Yes, we can deport/imprison/execute the invaders inside the borders!

30 million? 40 million? 50 million? No problem – the lesson of past deportations is that illegal aliens head south when the cops and soldiers start the round ups in the ghetto areas they live.

We need only the IRON WILL that never backs down, but doubles down when challenged – and I think we have The Man.

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