Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Thermidorian Reaction, in the French Revolution, the parliamentary revolt initiated on 9 Thermidor, year II (July 27, 1794), which resulted in the fall of Maximilien Robespierre and the collapse of revolutionary fervour and the Reign of Terror in France.

By June 1794 France had become fully weary of the mounting executions (1,300 in June alone), and Paris was alive with rumours of plots against Robespierre, member of the ruling Committee of Public Safety and leading advocate of the Terror. On 8 Thermidor (July 26) he gave a speech full of appeals and threats. The next day, the deputies in the National Convention shouted him down and decreed his arrest. He was arrested at the Hôtel de Ville, along with his brother Augustin, François Hanriot, Georges Couthon, and Louis de Saint-Just. The same guillotine that on 9 Thermidor executed 45 anti-Robespierrists executed, in the following three days, 104 Robespierrists, inaugurating a brief “White Terror” against Jacobins throughout France.

The coup was primarily a reassertion of the rights of the National Convention against the Committee of Public Safety and of the nation against the Paris Commune. It was followed by the disarming of the committee, the emptying of the prisons, and the purging of Jacobin clubs. Social and political life became freer, more extravagant, and more personally corrupt. There was a splurge of fashion and a conspicuous consumption of bourgeois wealth, while the poor suffered from harsh economic conditions.

Well, long suffering Tea Party Revolutionaries it has finally begin!

I call it "The Trumpidorian Reaction" in honor of the revolt in Paris against the radical  Leftist Maximilien Robespierre and his Jacobin Party who has been successfully channeled in the 21st century by America's "Robespierre" named Barack Obama, the current leader of the radical Leftist Democrat Party, who has attempted to stand America on its head in pretty much the same way Robespierre attacked the foundations of France.

I notice Rush Limbaugh is pretty much on the same page as I am with this take on current events in the United States:



RUSH: Trump hasn't faded.  He's not shown any signs up of fading yet. He goes on Meet the Press yesterday and, have to tell you, the establishment is shocked, angry, saddened.  He came off as presidential.  He had a serious immigration plan.  And the key to Trump's immigration plan is that it almost dovetails exactly with public opinion on immigration.  You know, it's kind of stunning. We got 16 Republican candidates now, and there's only one of them -- only one -- with a unique view or different view on immigration.  It's Trump. 

Indeed, "The Trumpidorian Reaction" has begun and the radical "Jacobins" of both major parties are worried a new political movement that does not favor them will get out of their control.

It's too late in the day for failed Leftist revolutionists.....


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