Saturday, August 22, 2015

To any asshole who ever supported or voted for Obama.... this is your fault!

To any asshole who ever supported or voted for Obama.... this is your fault... may your dreams be haunted for years...

When Obama traded Bowe Bergdahl, who is now being charged on several counts which should ultimately land him in prison for life, many people were outraged!|By Americas Freedom Fighters

We will never know how many of our heroes were killed or injured looking for Bergdahl. But we do know that this man, Mark Allen was paralyzed by a sniper’s bullet. And Susan Rice has the audacity to claim Bergdirt served with HONOR AND DISTINCTION? 

Also, let’s remember that when Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers came out and exposed him, the Obama administration and other scumbag Democrats were labeled as psychopaths all in an effort to shield their beloved MARXIST MUSLIM LOVING DICTATOR!

Look, Obama freed 5 TOP COMMANDERS OF THE TALIBAN! These are TERRORISTS! They are now back in action and want nothing more than to KILL AMERICANS!
This was a bad deal at best from the get go. Personally, I believe Barack Hussein Obama should be brought up on charges of treason.

Under the guise of our code that ‘We Leave No Man Behind’ in reality what Obama did was to honor that code- for MUSLIMS! They got 5 ALL STARS for one pile of crap!

Brietbart – On August 18, an IED killed Private First Class Morris Walker and Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen during a reconnaissance mission. On August 26, while conducting a search for a Taliban shadow sub-governor supposedly affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors, Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss was shot in the face and killed. On September 4, during a patrol to a village near the area in which Bergdahl vanished, an insurgent ambush killed Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews and gravely wounded Private First Class Matthew Martinek, who died of his wounds a week later. On September 5, while conducting a foot movement toward a village also thought affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors, Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey stepped on an improvised land mine. He died the next day.

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