Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I’ve been laughing my head off at the chatterers and the talkers and the consultants and the opponents trying to simultaneously insult Donald Trump out of the GOP nomination beauty pageant, and understand how and why he is resonating so much with the poor, stupid rubes in flyover country who insist on clinging to their guns and their religion. And their Constitution.

If you don’t want to read my prattle, just skip to the end where I (eventually) get to the point…

The spat between the pro- and anti-Trump chatterers has been hilarious to watch. The anti’s (Charles Cooke, Jonah Goldberg, etc.), trying to get their heads around why he’s so high in the polls. Cooke’s whining about Trump failing some kind of purity test is just one of the more hilarious examples. Then there’s the spat between John Nolte at Breitbart and Jonah Goldberg at National Review as another pretty funny example.

Goldberg points to an article in the Conservative Treehouse as evidence of the futility of arguing with Trump supporters, and complains that pointing out GOP failures does not constitute evidence in favour of voting for Trump. Wrong, Jonah! It is exactly why people are flocking to non-politician who uses short, easy sentences and plain language.

The other candidates, in fits of desperation to gain some relevancy (or air-time in the SSM, which these days is the same thing) fire spit-balls at Trump and then go crying to Politico and CNN when he uses his brass knuckles on their face!

Meanwhile, Trump continues to garner support from blue-collar workers, Californian Republican voters and, thanks to an immigration strategy that will result in more black Americans getting off welfare and into work, a surprising number of black voters (personified by Breitbart in the personage of a “rapper” more famous for publishing pictures of her lady(sic)-parts on Twitter than for her “art”, but we’ll leave that in the gutter where it belongs.

At the same time, McConnell tells the GOP base to shut up and vote for whomever the donor class tells them to.

Because, you know, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 were such a massive vote of confidence in the GOP and their corporate donors. Don’t you agree, President McCain? President Romney?

No, Trump isn’t a Conservative (or at least, he wasn’t until the media elected a genuine Red-Diaper-Baby Marxist to the Presidency). But, well, meh. He’s not a Conservative … way to watch the whole point go sliding right on by ya, fools!

The whole point – at least at this stage – is that 2016 is a GFY (Go Fuck Yourself) election (hat-tip to Ben Shapiro, even though I can’t find the link right now). Nothing more, nothing less. Trump will either do what he says he will do, or the house will burn down. No more slow, steady slide out of the American Experience. A Hail Mary, if you will. All or nothing. Go hard or go home. But enough with the sports metaphors…

The rise of the TEA Party movement against the BUSH spending programme towards the end of his Presidency, gave the GOP the House of Representatives in 2010. Boehner spent from then through 2014 crying like a little bitch that they were only “one half of one third”, and so those same people gave the GOP the Senate in 2014. Which turned out to be a massive blunder, because at least with Harry Reid in control of the Senate, much of the Obama agenda was blocked. McConnell and Boehner have done nothing but grease the skids for Obama, and so the people that gave them the House and then the Senate are gearing up in 2016 to tell them to Go Fuck Yourself.

The People have had enough. They’ve sent men and women to Washington who they thought would represent their interests, only to see them corrupted by the glittering gems of Washington status and power (with a couple of notable exceptions). This time around, they are telling the GOP to Go Fuck Yourself. And they’re rallying behind a candidate who’s speaking (almost) exactly the same language.

Meanwhile, the chatterers continue to interview their mirrors, scratch their heads and look perplexed. Mistakenly, they believe Trump is a politician candidate for political office. FFS, Trump owns Miss Universe. He knows better than anyone the nomination process is a beauty pageant. He’s not a political candidate, and his opponents are “stupid and incompetent” to think he is! The only two things working against Trump right now are (1) his biggest fan is Ann Coulter (who is still spruiking for Romney) and (2) some of his supporters think he’s a serious political candidate (mimicking the PaulTards from years gone by).

But, to the point of my Headline. Bill Whittle gave a speech in 2012 (I remember seeing it on Youtube at the time but can’t find it now) where he predicted the next President would be elected from the pop culture. Trump’s candidacy indicates he may well be right.

And he says so in typical, Whittle-esque style in his latest Firewall.


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