Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Indian Giver.

The Navajo Nation was one of the hardest hit territories after the EPA ruptured a wall inside Colorado’s Gold King Mine spill in August. Many of its members use the now-polluted Animus River for basic water needs, but because the river is still full of contaminates they are growing increasingly agitated. As we documented earlier this month, the head of the Navajo Nation expressed distrust toward EPA assurances that the water poses no health risks. “President Russell Begaye said his administration was waiting to receive results from its own water and sediment tests rather than relying on the EPA,” the Associated Press reported at the time. Begaye elaborated on his concerns in an interview with The Hill last week, explaining, “There’s no way we can guarantee that the drinking water is safe.” He then took the Democrats to task for leaving a core constituency to fend for itself: “We are asking the Democratic Party to have President Obama declare the river a disaster area — and we haven’t gotten anything. Nothing. The Democrats? I don’t know what happened. We basically are Democrats. We always vote Democrat. But it seems like they’ve just walked away. And we’re not hearing anything that’s of value to us from the Democrats.” This happens time and time again — minorities vote Democrat, who talk a good line about helping but don’t actually help, and minorities keep voting Democrat. What does that say about Republicans who can’t seem to win over these voters? Begaye, meanwhile, is open to any help he can get. “We as a nation will support any person that’s willing to walk with us,” he said. “If it’s Obama and the Democrats, or Republicans — whoever is willing to work with us, walk with us and work with us.” Memo to Republicans: Here’s another opportunity to prove yourselves. Democrats might talk a good talk, but can Republicans learn to transcend rhetoric?

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