Tuesday, September 22, 2015

US Marines vs. Barack Obama

I fear an Obamoid Secretary of the Navy coming down the pike. Perhaps a Democrat woman?
. . . "The tentative decision has ignited a debate over whether Navy Secretary Ray Mabus can veto any Marine Corps proposal to prohibit women from serving in certain infantry and reconnaissance positions. And it puts Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Marine Corps commandant who takes over soon as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at odds with the other three military services, who are expected to open all of their combat jobs to women.

"Mabus has responded with sheer PC nonsense: “I’m not going to ask for an exemption for the Marines, and it’s not going to make them any less fighting effective,” he said, adding that the Navy SEALs also will not seek any waivers. “I think they will be a stronger force because a more diverse force is a stronger force. And it will not make them any less lethal.” 
Oh, well, as long as you say the Marines will be stronger then...

. . . "The Marines are fighting a valiant rear-guard action, but they’re in a race with the PC clock. The left wants to transform the military as much as it can before it faces a new president, and social justice warriors firmly believes that social justice delayed is social justice denied. "

Social justice was denied women because they were not here at Iwo Jima? I visualize in the next TNT series, a number of women will be in this battle. One will even scream at John Basilone because he is a coward, inspiring him to take the following actions. Naturally, being a woman, she will be bypassed for the medal that Basilone receives.

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