Thursday, September 17, 2015


This Meme Shows What the Media Won’t tell you About the Digital Clock That Caused a Muslim Student to get Arrested

Earlier this week, a Muslim boy was arrested in Texas after an English teacher turned him into the principal for having a suspicious pencil case, fearing it could be a bomb.

Turns out it was a homemade digital clock.

As you might imagine, progressive race hustlers immediately started salivating over the incident, chomping at the bit to start tossing out the “racist” label as quickly as possible, politicizing the incident to boost support for the Democratic Party and their push to appear like “tolerant” social justice warrior do-gooders out to save the world.
In reality, they just want to expand the voter base, but hey, no big deal, right?

A lot of folks jumped to the boy’s defense claiming the case obviously looked like a clock, not a bomb. This meme pretty much shoots that defense to pieces. Take a look.

Yeah. After taking a look at this comparison, I can totally understand the reason why the teacher and police were incredibly concerned about what the boy had, although I do think folks might have overreacted a tad, especially once they discovered this was only a clock.

Still, the fact people on the left are trying to turn this into a race thing is ridiculous. Young men, regardless of race and religion, get treated like this at school all the time now.

How many stories have you read about boys getting tossed out of school for doing something silly like pretending to use their finger as a laser gun, or chewing their Pop Tart into the shape of a pistol?

It’s become par for the course in our modern education system.

This kid is hardly the first one to fall prey to such shenanigans, and he won’t be the last either.

Believe it or not, it’s liberal policies of political correctness that have contributed to this kind of atmosphere.

That being said, the teacher did the right thing. What if the student would’ve actually had a bomb, but because someone didn’t want to appear “racist,” didn’t check it out and innocent kids died? Then people would be complaining that nothing was done.

At the end of the day, these folks made the right call, deciding to err on the side of caution, even though they may have went too far at the end.

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