Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Via Chicago Boyz via Western Rifle Shooters Association.

You see, before ’49, if you were a Crow or an Arapaho or a Cheyenne, you might sit on a ridge and watch the schooners crawl across the empty prairie, one at a time, perhaps only a solitary train in a week. You might trade with it, or take a slap at it for devilment, to run off a few horses, but mostly you’d leave it alone, since it was doing no harm, apart from reducing the grazing along the North Platte or the Arkansas, and thinning the game a little. But the Indian just had to turn his back and ride a few miles to be in clear country which the caravans never touched, the bison herds ran free, and game abounded. There was still plenty for everyone.

It was different after ’49. A hundred thousand folk need a power of meat and wood and fodder; they must forage wide on either side of the trail, in what to them is virgin country, and wreak havoc among the buffalo and smaller game; they must strip the grazing to its roots–and it ain’t in human nature for them to think, in all that vastness, what it may mean for those few figures sitting on the ridge over yonder…but if you are those figures, Crow or Arapaho or Cheyenne, watching the torrent that was once a trickle, seeing it despoil the Plains on which you depend for life, and guess that it’s going to get bigger by the year, and that what was once a novelty is now a menace–what d’you do? Precisely what the squire in his Leicestershire acres, or his New England meadow, would do if crowds of noisy, selfish foreigners began to trek through ruining the place. Remonstrate–and when that don’t work, because the intruders can’t see what damage they’re doing, and don’t care anyway–what d’you do then? I’ll tell you; Leicestershire squire, New England farmer, Cheyenne Dog-Soldier or Kiowa Hose-Cap, you see that there’s only one thing for it: you put your paint on.

  • Good article – multiculturalism didn’t work out well for the American Indian – now did it?

  • However, the difference with we palefaces are the traitors inside our gates – they are known as Progressives, Liberals, Socialists and so forth – and like the cockroach, they live inside our house and spread disease and filth.

  • Yes, the time has come to take our guns off the wall, lock and load, and kill the dirty parasites!

  • Yes, attack the government buildings, the media bunkers and the college campus structures – we grab the ruling class by the hair and drag them kicking and screaming out to the street and blow their brains out.

  • Then we go against Islam…

  • Yes, time for the WARPATH!

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