Thursday, October 08, 2015


America's stinking Leftist/Muslim traitor - a.k.a. "Barack Hussein Obama" (Also known as Barry Soetoro) - will be visiting Seattle on October 9th only six blocks from Ronbo's apartment! WHAT AN INSULT!

I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast to get away from the stench of his black commie crap!....but it would appear the smelly little black turd is coming to Rain City to make money for a very ugly Leftist Senator with a room temperature I.Q. by the name of Patty Murray.(SPIT!)

Yes, The Magic Negro will be well guarded by his fascist, corrupt, degenerate, alcoholic/drug addicted and trigger happy Secret Service Runic "SS" Praetorian Guard who are well trained and well paid in looking the other way while he commits felony after felony right under their 24/7 surveillance.

Of course, if you are Joe or Jane Plain Citizen and don't kiss Obama's large black ass, you will find not-so-nice members of the Runic "SS" breaking down your door at 3 a.m.

It is interesting to note that the Runic "SS" ignored countless threats against George Bush while he was president, but have suddenly adopted a "get tough" policy under Obama, and have even interrogated small 13 year old boys in Tacoma for making alleged threats against his Imperial Blackness!

The citizens of Seattle are advised on October the 9th 2015 to keep their hands in plain sight, do NOT wear a backpack and if His Highness decides to have a beer and act "normal" at Kelly's Irish Bar with the peons - be sure to smile - and please ignore the sudden open field latrine smell in the room.

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