Thursday, October 08, 2015


We have principals bussing girls to planned butcherhood to murder their illegitimate children.

We have principals cancelling America Day, and banning the American flag and patriotic clothing.

We have an Illinois substitute teacher who worked one day in the late 1990s who gets full 100% salary retirement, $40k\year.

Schools are criminal protection zones, inviting those who would murder.

Schools are a tenant of the Communist Manifesto, where the state teaches kids it is god.

Schools can’t keep half of their students through high school. They can’t pass a 1890 8th grade test.

School’s 60% of high school students can’t spell or write.

Schools are gay perversion centers.

Schools are churning out mindless skulls of mush to do the duty of the state like mindless robots, with no critical thinking, no rugged individualism or freedom, and no work ethic.
Schools teach philosophy is science and that real science is a lie.

Schools are the lazy parent’s crutch and “free” daycare.

Schools are the reason there is no private land property, just try to stop paying your property taxes and see if you can hold on to your land or house.

Schools are retirement centers for union members who pay others to vote them and Democrats into perpetual power.

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