Friday, October 02, 2015


The author of this poorly researched book simply repeats the AUSA Glazebrook's official Clinton propaganda line in regards to "United States of America v. Ronald Gene Barbour" - I was never contacted by the author and have aggressively attacked this account of the events concerning my alleged assassination attempted against President Clinton in 1994. I am innocent. I was framed by the efforts of Senior Secret Service Agent John F. McKenna, AUSA Glazebrook and the former SS Director Ronald Noble, a long time Clinton lackey and Democrat Party operative. In regards to my mental health - when I was finally given an objective psychological examination by the Veterans Administration in Tampa, Florida after my release from prison in 2003, the doctors could find no evidence of the alleged bipolar disorder, or any other mental defect, although they did discover my above average I.Q. Want more proof of my innocence? Please read the excellent account of my legalized kidnapping for over four years by the U.S. Secret Service.
The pages in question from the book are below.

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