Monday, October 26, 2015


The Retreat of the State

The decline of the West is not going to be announced by those in charge, not least because the state garners loyalty and obedience from its citizens by way of its ability to protect them and provide them with various rights and services, or at least having the appearance of being able to do so.

If the state cannot do this, or cannot maintain the facade, citizens will begin to question the benefit of remaining loyal and obedient to an already distrusted political class. Many grumble about unjust laws, stifling political correctness, globalism and corrupt officials but they still largely obey the law and pay taxes. They are outwardly loyal despite being in a state of inner revolt. Martyrs like Kim Davis who risk imprisonment and injury are still few.

In order to maintain loyalty and some semblance of order and prevent this inner revolt manifesting itself physically, a democratic system must work to sustain its legitimacy in the wake of its own destructive policies. Sterile lifestyles, welfare, immigration, affirmative action, universal suffrage, the never-ending search for straight, white bogeymen and all the other ponderous bullshit of modernity are clogging up the gears of a slowly winding down civilization.

Politicians can never admit that the system is irredeemably doomed. Their privileged positions, even their very lives, depend on convincing people that no matter how bad things seem now there is always a solution just around the corner. Politicians lean heavily on ideas like hope and change, precisely as a means to make people stop thinking about how awful everything is now and give democracy just one more chance to fix it. And like the girl with the deadbeat boyfriend, they keep going back to democracy and giving it one more chance, with the predictable and distressing result.

As long as people have faith in progress then they will never consider alternative solutions. Unfortunately, the only solutions to progressive problems invariably turn out to be just more progressivism. More programs, more wealth distribution, more diversity, division and conversations about race and gender and we move further away from the truth and a real solution. Society becomes more absurd, and the lies politicians must tell in order to justify these absurdities become more transparent.

All of which makes it strange to hear a voice from the Establishment that isn’t telling us to ignore the creaks and groans coming from the machine, and instead talks about its impending catastrophic self-destruction. The Chief Constable of Lancashire Police has come out and said in plain English that his county level police force ‘will not be able to deliver our core mission and purpose, which is to keep people safe from harm, particularly those that are most vulnerable.’

He’s speaking in reference to a series of cuts in police funding, some of which have already happened and some which have been proposed for the future. British police forces receive funding from two sources. The first is raised by local councils through business and property taxes. The second is from central government. The proposed cuts are coming from central government funding. Lancashire Police believe that if the proposed cuts are accepted their funding in 2020 will be half of what it was in 2012 and they will have to lose more than half their police officers.

More specifically, he states that they will have to lose ‘all of their neighborhood policing teams’ and ‘would have to close every single public enquiry desk in the county, so there would be no public access to our remaining police stations in the future, other than by prior arrangement.’ In 2020 Lancashire you would never see the reassuring sight of a police officer patrolling your neighborhood and you wouldn’t be able to go to a police station to see one. Nor would you see traffic police on the roads or the largely toothless Police Community Support Officers which were themselves brought in as a form of policing on the cheap.

I recommend reading the full statement as to what the future could look like.

It is a bleak picture but I believe that things will not get this bad, not as soon as 2020, and this is only one county, not a nationwide problem. Somehow, Lancashire Police, the local authority and the government will come to some arrangement. There is a hierarchy of needs and services that a state must provide in order to maintain legitimacy, and safety and public order is at the top for most people. The police will not be sacrificed before other public services.

But this is an early warning, a signpost pointing the way towards the Kali Yuga as the state begins its retreat. The world will become more dangerous. The state will not be able to protect you as it once did. Despite the best efforts of the police many poor, innocent people are going to suffer.

To keep things going as they are money must come from somewhere, but where? Recently conservative think tank Taxpayers’ Alliance has suggested that benefits to Britain’s pensioners are scrapped, immediately and forever. The Nation Health Service is already struggling with cuts. The Armed Forces have already been cut. The train of migrants streaming out of Africa and the Middle East isn’t slowing down and Europe is a cold place in winter.

The retreat of the state should be welcomed. For the Reactionary, with disaster comes opportunity. As the state struggles for air and fails to carry out its part of the vague and poorly defined social contract, something else can emerge. The failure of democracy and the transition to something better should be as seamless and as bloodless as possible.

In Oxford, house prices are outstripping wages to the extent that a local bus company is considering building a dormitory in order to attract drivers who would otherwise be unable to afford to live and work there. If private companies can do such a thing, why not other organizations? If these things can be done for material reasons, then why not for more virtuous reasons.

Where the state retreats, there is space for something else. For those people living in areas disaffected by an invisible police force, could somebody else step in to afford them peace and security? Not a privatized police force, run for profit, but a moral police force. In a future where money is scarce, or meaningless could those with resources and power provide food, shelter and care in exchange for fealty, instead of money? When our churches are used as drop-in centers for foreign refugees, could somebody else provide the spiritual direction that people will look for in hard times?

Where the state retreats, there is room to advance.

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