Saturday, November 21, 2015


On a lighter note, I had to go to the bank this morning to use the ATM in our Grand And Glorious Seattle Soviet – which even has a Bureau of Refugee Affairs at City Hall near the transgender rest room on the third floor – and in line in front of was a Moozlam woman totally covered in a black burka except for her face – and the poor/young/ overweight black woman was trying and trying and TRYING to master the advanced technology of the complex ATM.

I was amazed that Somalis had bank accounts, but the guy behind me told me, after I registered my distaste for smelly woman in front of me to him, said that our Wells Fargo bank was tied into the state/federal refugee welfare system – and once the account was set up by the ever-helpful-communist bureaucrats at the Bureau of Refugee Affair at the Seattle Soviet – the Obama Regime Treasury sends a check to the state, which sends a check to the city/county – which pumps the taxpayer money into the bank account of these 7th century barbarians from Africa, who come to the Great Northwest for the generous welfare check -and to murder us in mass at the shopping centers.

Anyhow, I was running a little late for my next appointment, so I pulled “The Muslim elimination maneuver number one.” I tapped the smelly/dirty one on the shoulder, pulled out my pocket crucifix, and said in my best Rev. Billy Graham voice when she turned around, “Sister, let me tell you about a man named Jesus who loves you!”

The Moozlam jumped about a foot straight in the air and after landing ran like a bat out of hell down 4th Avenue yelling, “Allahu Akbar” which got the attention – and no doubt numerous 911 calls from scores of people, who saw a fat, smelly, dirty and deranged looking black woman in a burka charging down a busy street in the morning rush hour.

My business at the ATM was completed in no time to the applause of the people waiting in line behind me.

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