Sunday, November 01, 2015


From Eritrea to London: Refugee's 3,500 mile journey MAPPED but he expected 'MORE from UK'

AN illegal immigrant given a taxpayer-funded home after sneaking into the UK in a deadly 3,500 mile journey said he expected Britain to be better than it is.

The Eritrean fled persecution in his war-ravaged country, survived nearly drowning at sea, faced kidnap by ISIS, starvation and dehydration and made it to Britain by hanging on to the outside of a Eurostar train.

But he has turned his nose up at the UK and its goodwill by telling he expected MORE from the country putting a roof over his head at the expense of the taxpayer.

The asylum seeker is one of scores of migrants who have illegally entered the UK and are being housed in properties owned by a hotel magnate in a quaint village near Heathrow, while their applications for asylum are processed.

They stay in picturesque Longford, outside west London, for initial asylum processing.

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I often wondered how they get the money and look like their clothes are brand new after traveling 1500 miles. Few look gaunt. Saw other pictures yesterday with many having brand new winter coats--down or fiberfill? Something is amok. Seriously amok. Who is really funding this? War torn third world villages? I don't think so. Missing billions in Afghanistan? Daesh? China? Russia? CIA?

I keeping picturing a couple million Germans in the 1930s moving East, you know, to avoid the rough conditions of the Third Reich. Those dispirited Germans would just wander eastward, stopping for shelter in places like Smolensk, and Stalingrad, and Kursk.

And then one day the Luftwaffe might fly overhead and drop pallets of rifles — and a Nazi army of 2 million people would be 500 miles inside the borders of the USSR.

Panzer divisions would reach them and reinforce them in very little time.

Of course, Stalin would never have allowed it. Stalin wasn’t stupid.

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