Monday, December 21, 2015


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It isn’t hard to prove their hypocrisy. Would it be newsworthy if a 19 year old black girl in Mississippi was minding her own business at a gas station surrounded by rednecks, and burned to death? Because, a year ago in Mississippi, 19 year old Jessica was dragged away and killed.

Her name was Jessica Chambers. Surely you know her story, saw a hashtag campaign in her memory. #JusticeForJessica or something like that?

No. And could that be because Jessica was accosted by a gang of 17 black thugs? And — one other detail –she happened to be white? Justice is supposed to be blind, and not biased. And so is our cowardly, politically-inbred media.

When you report a single broken window in Texas as a “hate crime”, but can’t be bothered to raise the issue of a 19 year old girl burned alive by 17 men? There’s a name for that… journalistic malpractice.

Couldn’t you even see fit to file the story under #WarOnWomen? You are pathetic: the whole lot of you. And you are exactly why the public and the News Media will not shed a single tear at your collective extinction.

Does this life matter to you?

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