Sunday, December 13, 2015


I recently had a discussion on Facebook with a British friend of mine who said that he couldn't directly access Pamela Geller's excellent anti-Muslim website, apparently due to European Union censorship of the Internet. However, using TOR - an anonymous browser - he can click on anything on the Internet.

Today Britain....Tomorrow the USA.


The exchange on Facebook:

The Religion Of Peace (ROP) doing its missionary work on Infidels....
California: Muslim with sword chases down neighbor, screaming, “I would die and kill for Allah” ByPamela Geller on December 9, 2015 Jihad in America 228…

Malcolm Thistle Seems my Sky server won't let me open it in Google. I'll open it in my Tor browser.
Malcolm Thistle It opened easy in Tor. It's a problem now, in free europe. We are free as long as we do what they say we can do. Idiots never thought we can always get round their fucking games.
Ronald Barbour What!?! CENSORSHIP of the Internet in Europe?
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Malcolm Thistle Well.....just a tad.......
Ronald Barbour

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Ronald Barbour What's TOR?
Ronald Barbour Websites that are anti-Muslim?
Malcolm Thistle Type in download tor browser in google. Download it and you click on the icon to open it. Then click on the word "disconnect" below the bar and you are not recorded . You search almost anonymously.
Ronald Barbour GOT IT! TOR:[2](22 November 2015; 19 days ago (2015-11-22)) [±][3](12 July 2015; 4 months…
Malcolm Thistle That's the one.
Ronald Barbour
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Ronald Barbour Okay, so the EU blocks the anti-Muslim websites - and you go to TOR and get them anyway...Right?
Malcolm Thistle All websites that are deemed violent, reactionary, sexual or subversive are blocked.
Ronald Barbour
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Malcolm Thistle I can look at anything in Tor. The Sky ban is lifted from 9 pm to 5:30 am. It's mostly to stop kids looking at porn etc.
Ronald Barbour

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Ronald Barbour ....and today the EU is doing it, and tomorrow the USA will be it doing it! 1984 has arrived a bit late, but here it is...
Ronald Barbour Until they block TOR you can look at anything...the point is that it's no damn business of the government to tell us what we can watch or read...As for the kids, that's what parents are for...or used to be.
Malcolm Thistle During the day, you cannot download Tor. I saved the prog on another computer and put it on a flash drive and got it that way.
Ronald Barbour

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Ronald Barbour Figures...well that's how censorship starts...and you can bet the EU is being used as a test bed to censor the Internet world wide. But the weakness in their efforts is that the WEB is necessary for their efforts - and any attempt to impose censorship ...See More
Ronald Barbour

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