Sunday, December 27, 2015


When I predicted the Second U.S. Civil War over ten years ago, I said the immediate cause would be an economic meltdown – as a government that cannot feed its people has at last went a bridge too far.

Also, historically speaking, hungry bellies a revolution makes, as the American, French and Russian revolutions all prove.

I thought the revolution would have broken out by now – there is enough gasoline dumped on America’s floor for the torch to go up in flames – but no one has thrown down the lighted match – because BOTH sides know the outcome favors neither side.

However, in 2016/17 the big poker game moves into its final stage of “put up or shut up time” and the cards thrown on the table – winner take all.

Who wins the revolution/civil war?

The best organized, the best equipped, the most numerous and most ruthless.

…and if the last civil war America fought is any indication, the conflict will last four or five years.

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