Monday, January 04, 2016


The Feds may want this incident to explode!

I hasten to add that this tactic is straight out of the communist provocateur's handbook. I know since as a former member of the Maoist Progressive Labor Party, we used to do the same thing to peaceful anti-war marches. Like wise, today's black flag street "anarchists" do the same thing all across the world. The point of the tactic is to take the violence up several notches, goad the government forces into responding and radicalize others who are subsequently beaten and tear gassed. It is a tactic older than Karl Marx.
And yet, as wrong-headed and suspect as are the actions and the motives of the few people who are currently holed up in the Fish and Wildlife Service office (and they are far fewer than is claimed), the rest of us are still prisoners of our own enunciated principles. Bundy and the others (including several people whom are widely suspected of being federal provocateurs) have indeed written a check that they expect the rest of us to cash in our own blood in a ghastly civil war. Yet we cannot allow the federal government to take advantage of this perfect propaganda opportunity that they have apparently spent such effort contriving and use deadly force on the occupiers without response. As at the time of the Freemen standoff, we must get across the message to the Feds that if they do so, there will be a national response in those local areas of operations where we are strongest, politically and militarily. Frankly, this is a plea for any adults in the room in DC to intervene and use caution before this blows up in all of our faces.
As to the personalities involved, I can say this from personal experience on the ground at the time of the original Bundy confrontation. The sociopathic weasel (and likely fed provocateur) Ryan Payne insinuated himself into the Bundy family by going to church with them and promising to convert to their brand of the LDS church. Whether he actually did or not is unknown to me, but I was told by Bundy himself that this was the reason that they trusted him and took him into their personal defense detail, much as Cleopatra clasped the asp to her own bosom.
In addition, I am informed by someone on the ground out there that Ammon Bundy believes that it is his mission "to make the refuge into some sort of New Jerusalem." The parallels between Ammon and John Brown grow creepier by the minute. Others apparently view this as an opportunity for "suicide by Fed," acting out whatever private demons they have pursuing them.

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