Saturday, January 02, 2016


1. Bowe Bergdahl


Bowe Bergdahl, the Army deserter and former Taliban prisoner, perfectly exemplifies why everyone hates millennials.

In this season of the podcast “Serial,” Bergdahl explained that he ran from his post because of a grievance he had with his commanding officer. He knew that his disappearance would set off an alarm, and that afterwards he would be able to get an audience with a higher-up official, to whom he could complain about his commanding officer.

After he left the base, Bergdahl realized that he was in serious trouble and decided to go looking for hidden explosive devices, information he thought could spare him some punishment upon his return. He also figured it would make him look like a “super soldier” akin to fictional movie character Jason Bourne.

His plan is the most millennial thing ever. To think one’s personal complaints are more important than a war is the type of self-important behavior we can come to expect from Generation Y. I mean, pretending to fight for a quasi-social-justice issue to cover your stupidity, with the added benefit of looking like Jason Bourne? It’s the ultimate millennial win-win.

So 2015 wasn’t a great year for millennials, but perhaps after a little self-reflection — or a swift kick in the rear — young adults will get it together and act like self-aware grownups in 2016.

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