Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Two Corinthians walk into a bar and one says to the other....

Suddenly atheist Leftist Media nerds become Bible scholars.

RUSH:  This is a joke, folks.  These guys don't know what they're talking about.  Here all of a sudden the Drive-By Media, which hates anything to do with the Christianity, wants to try to pass themselves off as scripture experts?  So they have read somewhere where one person says, "Hey, Christians don't talk about Two Corinthians, it's second Corinthians."

No, it's actually the Second Letter to the Corinthians, if you want to really get down and into it.  It's the Second Letter to the Corinthians.  Corinthians second, Second Corinthians, Two Corinthians.  But it's a laughable thing here with the Drive-Bys acting like they somehow are scholars. With Ricardo Montalban it was the rich Corinthian leather.  Did you know that that didn't exist?  He was doing car advertisements for the Chrysler Cordoba.  This was during the days of Fantasy Island when he and Herve Villechaize ran the -- Ricardo Montalban with a Cordoba doing commercials for the rich Corinthian leather, and finally somebody said, "Where do you get that?"  They made it up.  There is no such thing as rich Corinthian leather.  So they could have said Second Corinthians leather that was put in the Dodge Cordoba, or the Chrysler Cordoba, whatever it was. 


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