Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I felt it would be worthwhile sharing this email I wrote to Mark Steyn but it’s too long to leave in the comments. I’d appreciate your thoughts.
It’s in response largely to one of his recent posts “It’s still the demography, stupid.”

Sorry, Mr Steyn.

Either you don’t get it yet or you’re not willing to confront your readers with the ugliest truth of all.

The question is “why muslims?” Why not a million Hindus or Buddhists? Why not a million Chinese? Why not the oppressed Christians the world over?

They chose the most aggressive and hostile people of the human race specifically for that reason. Because Germany +1million Hindus or Chinese could keep on being Germany, changed, yes, but a nation with laws and a border.

Now? No chance.

Order from chaos. The destruction of the nation state to be replaced with a global world order. How else would it be that Greece was on the verge of financial collapse yet now they act as a bridge for hundreds of thousands and we hear nothing of their finances?

Where is all the money coming from to pay for this impossibly expensive project? Food. Housing. Clothing. Security. Replacing all the things they have been provided that they break and steal and burn and sell. Muslim immigrants flush with hundred mark bills who can’t buy cigarettes because the vendors don’t carry enough change.

Not a month before this flood started we heard of little else but how the EU was on the verge of bankruptcy. Now I have not seen a single mention of their finances in the last six months, despite this unprecedented burden that they have taken on themselves.

Surely this must have you asking some questions about where the money is coming from? Why is their debt being extended without a peep where once there was financial terror? Who stands to gain from this?

We in the west will never get out of first gear in heading off this madness unless we stop pretending that it is the result of well meaning but foolish leaders.

I can only presume that you have considered that all of the factors leading to this suicidal birth rate may have in fact been specifically put in place for that very reason.

I hate conspiracy theory, but there comes a time when we have to pull our heads out of our asses and admit that Merkel is not crazy or stupid. That everything is going according to plan, just not the plan we’re being told.

Kind regards,

Bo Chandler.

p.s. I hope to see you when you visit Australia.

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