Thursday, February 18, 2016

Battle for the Seelow Heights; Germany's last stand to keep the Soviets out of Berlin

The Tunnel Wall    . . . Still wearing their boots and helmets, the Germans who fell fighting Russians at the Gates of Berlin
70 years on, troops sacrificed in Hitler's doomed last stand are unearthed. The Battle of the Seelow Heights was part of the Soviet assault on Berlin and lasted three days in April 1945. Estimates of Russian casualties range from 5,000 to 33,000, with 12,000 Germans killed . . . 

"The number of Russian soldiers thought to have died ranges from 5,000 to 33,000, while some 12,000 German troops perished.

"By April 23, the German capital was fully encircled and the Battle of Berlin entered its last stage. Within a fortnight, Adolf Hitler was dead and the war in Europe was effectively over.

"For many of the German soldiers who died in the battle where they fell is where they have remained ever since – buried deep in mud and soil - until now." . . . 
 In many cases the German soldiers are still wearing their helmets and boots, made of more durable material than their battlesdresses which have worn away.

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